Portland is the vegan capital of the world! This interactive vegan business directory is being built with vegan guides created by Food Fight and Try Vegan PDX. Thank you for your help and for helping the vegan and non-vegan community finding cruelty-free goods and services!

What is Veganland?

Veganland is a vegan app and website directory that helps small vegan events, businesses, products, and services by providing FREE access to technologies that were only accessible to non-vegans. Vegan businesses have struggled to create a new economy and need help! Small businesses help stimulate economic growth by providing employment opportunities to people who may not be employable by larger corporations. People find vegan graphic designers, photographers, lawyers, painters, yoga teachers, events and more! The site and apps were created and run by Eduardo Hernandez Herrera, a vegan Guatemalan who grew up eating mainly plants and got inspired by the vegan community in Portland Oregon. We are working on expanding to San Francisco, San Diego,  New York and Seattle! We also added vegans across the world!

Mission & Vision:

  • Help small vegan businesses grow by providing free technology tools to increase their clientele
  • Provide access to vegan events in the area
  • Serve as a connection to businesses and clientele that prefer the use of cruelty-free/animal free goods and services

Why did you start in Portland? 

See the video below to learn about it!

Community Partners